Kim Jonghyun Has Passed Away

This is a horrible way to come back to this site.  I’ve been busy for months and haven’t had time to update, and now that I finally do have time this is what I come back to.

Many of you may know Kim Jonghyun from the group SHINee.  Today it was announced that he had passed away.  I’ve read reports that both his sister and SM Entertainment have confirmed this.

I’m not entirely sure how he died, and I don’t want to disrespect him by reporting the wrong thing.  He was found unconscious in his home and was rushed to the hospital where he passed away.

My heart goes out to his family, friends, bandmates, and to everyone that cared about him.  He was an inspiration to so many people.

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Hoya Leaves INFINITE

Hoya has decided to leave INFINITE and Woolim Entertainment.  Woolim Entertainment has released a statement saying that his contract ended June ninth of this year.

The other six members (Sung-kyu, Myung-soo AKA L, Woohyun, Sung-yeol, Sung-jong, and Dong-woo) have all resigned with the company and will continue being INFINITE.

It is sad that Hoya has decided to leave, but I wish him luck with his future endeavors as well as INFINITE.

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Update to BTS Spotify and iTunes News

This morning I discovered that the missing albums from Spotify have been uploaded once again.  I was listening to one of my playlists and ‘N.O.’ came on.  ‘N.O.’ was one of the songs that would have been missing since it was off the album ‘O!RUL8,2?’ which was one of the missing albums.  I checked and sure enough, their albums have been re-uploaded.

iTunes has also added the albums that were missing.  I still do not know why this happened.  There could be several explanations, but let’s just be glad that this was a temporary issue.


BTS News

There are two things that I need to tell you about BTS.  One thing is good news and the other is bad.  So let us start with the bad news first.

According to a BTS ARMY Amino post this morning it seems that BTS has taken most of their albums off of Spotify and iTunes.  I checked to see if this was true or not and found that on both sites most of their albums are missing.  You can still find ‘You Never Walk Alone’, ‘Come Back Home’, and their Japanese singles on Spotify.  On iTunes you can find ‘You Never Walk Alone’, ‘Come Back Home’, ‘Dark & Wild, ‘The Most Beautiful Moment In Life’, ‘Wings’, and their Japanese singles.

Don’t panic just yet, this is probably only a temporary thing.  I’ve also heard that Spotify is looking into the issue and should be resolved soon.  I do not believe that this will be a long term issue, it could be a malfunction, it could be a way for BigHit to make us stream certain songs.  Whatever the reason I do not believe that this is a permanent issue.

Onto the good news.

BTS has announced their comeback date!

The comeback will be on September 18th with preorders starting on August 25th.  The album is going to be called LOVE YOURSELF 承 ‘Her’.

And if you haven’t done so already you can head over to YouTube and watch the ‘Love Yourself’ Highlight reels to prepare for the upcoming comeback.  More details are to be released later today.

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BTS Comeback Posters

I know I am on a semi hiatus while I take care of family, but I am going to post the posters BigHit Entertainment has released for BTS’s comeback, which is going to be next month.  I don’t know if the date is on the posters, I can’t read the bottom, but when I find out when the comeback will be I will let you know.

But here are the posters for BigHit Entertainment’s Twitter page:

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I will not be able to post for a few days because my uncle has passed away and I need to spend time with my family.  I know that there have been several comebacks, but I do not have time to work on writing posts about them at the current moment.

I am so sorry about falling behind.  Once things calm down again I will try to update on some stories.

Thank you for understanding, and I hope all of you are doing well.