Fanart Friday Submissions

Tomorrow I would like to start doing Fanart Fridays, and I need people to email me their submissions. I’m making this post so people know what to expect.

You must email me your fanart at

Tell me your name and if your fanart has a title, and also who the idol is and what group they’re from.  I take all groups/solo artists, but since not everyone knows all of the groups and people in the groups this will make it easier for them to find out more about the person or group you drew.

If you have a Redbubble or Society6 page please tell me so I can link them in the post (if you have both tell me and I will link both of them).

I will do up to five fanarts.  If I do not post yours don’t worry, it will be in the next Fanart Friday post.

I will check to make sure you are the artist. I want to give people the proper credits.

I’m doing this to help support artists out there, and because all of you are very talented and I think your work should be seen.

If you have any concerns or questions please don’t hesitate to ask me.  I am always here, I am not scary.  If you know anyone that does fanarts please tell them about this and see if they would be interested in doing this.

And on a final note if you are the artist of a fanart that has been posted but someone was trying to make it seem like it was theirs email me immediately and I will fix it or take it down if that is what you would prefer.  Communication is key, and I will stop doing this if people send me fanarts claiming that it is theirs when it really isn’t.