Don’t Wanna Cry ~ Seventeen

Release Date: May 22nd, 2017

I must admit that I do not know all the boys in Seventeen well.  I only really know Woozi, Jeonghan, Jun, and The 8 well.  I do enjoy Seventeen’s music and have been trying to learn names, I have several friends that are huge Seventeen fans so I do hear about them a lot.

I haven’t watched many of their videos, but the ones I have seen so far I have loved, and this one is no exception.  The vocals were amazing to star off.  Vernon has a beautiful voice, when I first heard him singing at the very beginning I was mesmerized.  This song really highlights their vocals very well, I feel that it highlights them better than previous songs have.

Hoshi and Woozi also impressed me with their amazing vocals at the beginning.  I could go on and on about how everyone impressed me in this video.  I loved how their voices blended together during the chorus and how they managed to sound like one.  You can tell that Seventeen is a unit.  They work well together and I applaud Pledis for a job well done with these boys.

The dancing is always a big part of a music video for me.  For a music video to be great I have to like the dance, K-Pop videos are all about the dancing so if I can’t get behind the dance then I can’t get behind the video.  The dance in Don’t Wanna Cry was on point for me.  It wasn’t over the top, but it also wasn’t understated.  It worked well with the song, and once again these boys worked as a unit.  They were in sync with one another.

They were one in this video with their vocals and their dancing.  Each boy knew where he needed to be and when.  You could feel the emotions they were trying to convey in their individual scenes when they weren’t together as a group.  I could feel the heartbreak as the boys sang about a love lost, about wanting the person they loved to come back to them.

The location is also another big thing for me.  Sometimes a video is great, and I love everything about it, but the location is off.  Once again that was not the case for this video.  The desert and rooftop scenes worked well.  They were simple and not to complicated.  For a song like this if they had something bigger or flashier I probably wouldn’t have liked it.  And what I liked about this particular video is that it didn’t conform to the normal heartbreak video tropes.

The tropes that I am talking about are the dark rainy streets; someone looking out the window of a car while the rain streaks down it; flashback scenes with the person they lost; two people on their own looking sad maybe regretting their choice.  You see the boys being sad which is to be expected with a song like this, but they did not do the cliche scenes that other videos like to do.

I think that’s one thing I liked about this video, they got their point across without coming off in a depressive manner.

For this video, it seemed like they might have stepped out of their comfort zone.  If you have seen Boom Boom, Mansae, or Very Nice then you know that their videos tend to be bright colors, big dance numbers, and a very upbeat song.  They did not do what they have always done and that can sometimes be hard, especially when you don’t know how the fans will take it, and I liked how they took that risk.  Their fans know their music as being very poppy and happy, but this song was much more than that.  I hope that they keep evolving and show us what else they can bring to the table in the future.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this and would highly recommend it to a non-K-Pop friend or someone who is just getting into Seventeen.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️