Girls’ Generation Comeback

Girl’s Generation is celebrating their tenth anniversary.  The eight girls, originally nine, debuted on August 5th, 2007.  Since then they have released catchy hit after catchy hit and even appeared on several talk shows here in America.  You can see clips of them on Live with Kelly and David Letterman performing their song The Boys.

The girls dropped two music videos today for two of their songs off their new album ‘Holiday Night’ which has a total of ten tracks.  The two songs they released videos for are ‘Holiday’ and ‘All Night’.  ‘All Night’ is a documentary video with the girls performing the song as well as clips of them talking.  You can head over to SM’s YouTube channel to view both videos: SM Entertainment YouTube Channel 

‘Holiday’ currently has over four million views and ‘All Night’ has over two million, both videos were released eleven hours ago.

Congratulations to Girls’ Generation for ten years, and here’s to many more.

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Samuel Has Dropped First Mini Album

Samuel’s first MV ‘Sixteen’ is now on Youtube and he has dropped his first mini album by the same name.  The album is currently available on iTunes and has six tracks on it.

Samuel is a soloist under Brave Entertainment and many of you may recognize him as a fan favorite from season two of Produce 101.  He was not one of the top eleven boys that made it into the group Wanna One, but because of that he is now able to debut on his own.

Samuel is only sixteen, but he has a powerful voice and I see him going places.  There’s no doubting he is a talented young man with an amazing voice, and I can’t wait to see what else he has in store for us.

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EXO’s Comeback Is Days Away

July 18th, 2017 at 6 PM EXO will release their fourth full-length album.

Unfortunately Lay was not able to participate in this comeback because he was stuck in China doing promotions for his projects there.  So we will not be seeing him in this video or hear his vocals on the album.

Their title track is upbeat and sounds like a song that you would listen to at a party during the summer time.  It sounds like the kind of song that will be stuck in your head for days and that you’ll find yourself humming without realizing what you’re doing.

Are you ready?

Here are all the teaser videos that SM has released:

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K.A.R.D Is Officially Debuting

K.A.R.D is about to officially debut on the 19th of this month with their first mini album.

While scrolling through Facebook I saw that 1theK had posted the official teaser for their upcoming debut.

K.A.R.D Debut.png

The group has released a few solo songs and videos since 2016 with their song ‘Oh Nana’.  This year the group released videos for their songs ‘Don’t Recall’ and ‘Rumor’.

Their debut song is called ‘Hola Hola’ and it has a very summery, upbeat vibe to it.  Something you can listen to when you go running, or are just jamming out in your car to your favorite tunes.

So keep an eye out for ‘Hola Hola’ and their first mini album.

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EXO Teaser Videos And Instagram

SM has released two teaser videos for two of the members.  Both Kai and Baekhyun have teaser trailers for their upcoming comeback.  They are short twenty to twenty-five-second trailers.



Also, the Instagram that I believed was EXO’s Instagram, is their official Instagram.  It still has not been verified, but some of the boys have liked the photos, so I can only assume that it is their official one.  OFFICAL INSTAGRAM

As more teasers are released I will update you.

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EXO Teaser and New Twitter

We are getting closer to EXO’s comeback.  Photos of new hair colors and styles have been popping up on Tumblr and Instagram and other various websites.  And in this teaser, we can see their colors.

There is no official date on when the comeback will be, but the comeback is probably right around the corner with this teaser video being released.

I will post all the information when EXO and SM release it.

Also, EXO has an official Twitter.  So far they only have one tweet, but I have no doubt that the boys will be updating it soon.  And as of right now they have 267K followers.

There is also said to be an Instagram, which I have found, but it has yet to be verified.  I will keep an eye open for the verification and let you know when that changes.

If you wish to view the teaser here it is:

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BlackPink Teaser Video

BlackPink released a teaser video four hours ago for their comeback and let me just say I am so excited for this comeback.  It looks and sounds amazing, and that beat is awesome.  I have a feeling this will be a song that will make me dance along with it.

Check out the teaser for ‘As If It’s Your Last’: