EXO Teaser and New Twitter

We are getting closer to EXO’s comeback.  Photos of new hair colors and styles have been popping up on Tumblr and Instagram and other various websites.  And in this teaser, we can see their colors.

There is no official date on when the comeback will be, but the comeback is probably right around the corner with this teaser video being released.

I will post all the information when EXO and SM release it.

Also, EXO has an official Twitter.  So far they only have one tweet, but I have no doubt that the boys will be updating it soon.  And as of right now they have 267K followers.

There is also said to be an Instagram, which I have found, but it has yet to be verified.  I will keep an eye open for the verification and let you know when that changes.

If you wish to view the teaser here it is:

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BlackPink Teaser Video

BlackPink released a teaser video four hours ago for their comeback and let me just say I am so excited for this comeback.  It looks and sounds amazing, and that beat is awesome.  I have a feeling this will be a song that will make me dance along with it.

Check out the teaser for ‘As If It’s Your Last’:


BlackPink Teaser Images Released

BlackPink is making a comeback and YG has dropped teaser images for each of the girls.  The comeback is scheduled for this month on the 22nd.  Each member has a single picture with the comeback date and ‘6PM’ written on the photos.

YG took to Twitter on June 15th and 16th to drop the teaser images for Jisoo and Jennie:

And then YG took to Twitter two hours ago to drop the images for Lisa and Rose:

Are you excited for BlackPink’s comeback?  I know I am.


G-Dragon Has Announced New Tour Dates

G-Dragon and YG Entertainment have announced several new tour dates for his world tour.  Here are the new places and dates:

Hong Kong: August 25th-26th, 2017

Manila: September 1st, 2017

Jakarta: September 3rd, 2017

Kuala Lumpur: September 16th, 2017

Taipei: October 7th-8th, 2017

Plus an unannounced date and place in September.  I will monitor the concert page to see if they update it anytime soon.

If you wish to check it out then go here:  G-Dragon Concert Dates



I’ve been quiet for a while for a few reasons.  I have been extremely busy with my job and personal activities, but also because I did not know how to follow up on the T.O.P. story.

While on my semi-hiatus I monitored the situation and I even posted a thread on Twitter about how I thought he was being treated.  I was also keeping quiet because there were so many conflicting facts and stories coming out that I did not feel comfortable writing anything about what was happening to him.

I am honestly still not a hundred percent sure what happened with him.  I do know that he overdosed on his prescription medications and that he was unconscious, for how long I am not certain.  There were reports coming out that he was awake and then reports saying that he was still unconscious.

He is awake now, and they have moved him to another hospital.  People were constantly hounding him as he was moved and they were taking pictures, I will not be posting those pictures.

I am not going to speculate on why he overdosed, and I will not be posting gossip about what happened.  I believe in privacy and this is one story that I do not wish to write because I feel he is entitled to his privacy and he doesn’t need people speculating on his private life.

I would like to say I do not agree with people saying he deserved this.  No deserves what happened to T.O.P..  What happened is serious and should not be taken so lightly.  And him being hounded by fans and the media will not help him recover.

I am hoping he has a speedy recovery and that he is better now, and that he will continue to get better.

As far as I am aware he still has to undergo a hearing about him smoking weed but other than that I have not heard any other reports.  Once he has his trail and gets his sentence I will update you on that.


T.O.P. Weed Scandal

K-Pop fans around the world were shocked when it came out that T.O.P. of Big Bang had been accused of smoking weed back in October of last year.  Some fans were outraged by this, they felt betrayed by their favorite idol, their bias; while others were more okay with this, they didn’t see a problem.

YG has responded to the accusations saying:

“First, we would like to convey our deepest sincerest apologies. After confirming details, Choi Seung Hyun [T.O.P] was in fact summoned for an investigation, under suspicion of smoking marijuana before his military enlistment.

He has complied with the investigation and has admitted to most of his crimes and is deeply regretting his actions. We are sorry to worry so many people.”

~ YG Entertainment

It is also said that T.O.P. has admitted to smoking weed with another person.  The other person is said to be female and it is unclear at this time if she is just a friend or if she is a trainee at YG.  I’ve heard both.  But she came forward and said that she and T.O.P. were both smoking it.

If he is found guilty he could be sent to jail for five years.  If you do not know, weed is illegal in South Korea.  As of right now nothing has been confirmed if he will be arrested or not, and he is still serving his time as a conscripted policeman for his mandatory military service.

I will keep you informed as I gather more information.

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Pristin’s Kyla Body Shaming

Pictures have been surfacing here recently body shaming Kyla of Pristin.  Netizens have been calling her “fat” and asking her to be removed from the group.

Kyla is only fifteen years old and does not deserve to be body shamed like she has been.  There is nothing wrong with her body.  These girls should not be forced to be stick thin just because they are idols, everyone deserves to be happy in their own skin.

I would like to say that if anyone comments fat shaming any idols I will not tolerate it and I will make sure your comments are deleted.  These are real people with real feelings.

To Kyla:  I would like to say you are beautiful the way you are, and please don’t pay any attention to these nasty comments about your figure.

Please treat idols with respect, they are hard working people and do not deserve to be treated in such a manner.

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